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End of Semester

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2013, 10:05 AM
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: not sure...some guy in the lab playing music
  • Reading: The Eye of the World-Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Captain America
  • Playing: Dragon's Dogma
  • Eating: maybe someone will bring some chips...
  • Drinking: and some soda....
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Well something is definitely wrong with the journal thing. It's been so long since I've written one I didn't notice how much updating they did. I don't like it right now. I can't edit any of the html stuff and it's really annoying because it means I'll have to keep editing my old journal and can never submit a new one until I figure it out. Oh well. Anyway, It's the end of the semester for me. Finals week was a little more relaxed than I thought it would be. I still have 2 classes to go to, I just don't have any more tests. That means summer vacation starts now as far as I'm concerned. I was trying to get a job at Gamestop because the local one said they were looking to hire soon. After waiting for about 3 weeks to get a call for an interview, someone finally told us they're not hiring until November. HUGE SIGH. This means I won't get the job there, not even in November because I'll be leaving a month later to go to Japan.

Which brings me to my next point: I'm going to Japan! I'm so excited to have this opportunity. I've been filling out scholarships like mad 'cus I promised my dad I could cover the costs. I've probably filled out more than $100,000 worth of scholarships right now, and they're not even the important ones. Those are just ones that are EASY to fill out. No essays or mass projects. I've got a huge list of others I need to do, but some of them don't open up until August :/ So the summer is going to be spent writing essays, and hopefully I'll find a small job at home when I go back.
I'll be going to Kansai Gadai in Hirikata, Japan. Not sure what classes I'll be taking yet. I'm still waiting on the admission package I have to fill out but apparently that won't come until the Fall semester either. I feel like they send things too late but that's just how it is :/ I just like having A LOT of time to do things, so that I can get them done as soon as possible.

I haven't been writing much lately. yay studying -__- But I have occasionally doodled....on desks in class >.> Hey I started making some friends with my drawings. Actually had some cartoons going on with someone who sits in my same spot in my math class. Then of course janitors probably came by and cleaned it all and no one's drawn anything since.

Anyway, that's all I really have to say for now. Gonna go and see if anyone actually showed up to this class we don't even have a test for.

My Art

Ichigo Kurosaki by TakiYumeColored Cloud by TakiYumeKiss by TakiYume
Bill Kaulitz by TakiYumeEasily Confused by TakiYumeEiffel Tower Typography by TakiYumeEyes Like Gray Oceans by TakiYume

My Literature
The Fire Master Ch.1
                                                                   Book One
I'm not dead yet.

     Crunch. The dry twig snapped under the weight of Astar's foot. He stopped in mid-step as the nearby bear looked his way. Its dark brown eyes glittered as it stared at Astar. Their breaths came out in small puffs of white cloud in the cold air. Around them the forest remained still and quiet, as if watching to see what kind of encounter the bear and man would have. Astar remained completely still, knowing the tiniest motion could invite the bear to attack.   He watched the bear in awe. Its brown coat shimmer
Lord Walter's Estate: Prologue     Uneasy snarling and growling erupt around me. The scent of the two-leggeds had just hit our noses, making our fur stand on end. It's a stormy night, one that few creatures would choose to venture out in. It's cold, windy and the snow stings our eyes but we are used to this. We were born and raised in these conditions.
     Our white fur hid us in the blizzard and kept us warm as we crept closer to the village of the two-leggeds. My paws sank into the fresher snow but stopped when they came in contact with the older, denser snow.
     The two-leggeds would all be indoors at this time. The storm was too severe for anyone to be roaming about. This would be to our advantage. We would run into little resistance during this mission.
     I growled and nipped at the shoulder of a fellow pack member who had started to get ahead of me. He whimpered and bowed his head, slowing his pace in obe
The warriors had all been defeated. Their corpses lay strewn in the street like nothing more than ragdolls. In the far distance I could still hear the sounds of battle though it was as a whisper compared to the disastrous noise made earlier in the evening. Those of us who were not warriors, who had been dragged from our homes and chased down the streets, now sat in the middle of our town square. Water flowed at our feet, for the fountain had been broken during the attack.
Over two dozen Narviig stood watch over us and each Narviig had with them their Iether. The Iether were an interesting anomaly, for lack of a better word. Some say they had been created but no one as of yet has been able to trace them back to their origins. They were as spirits but not dead. They could appear or disappear at will. They appeared mostly as humans, though a few took on the shapes of animals. Some even alternated between the two. In any case, I knew that each of the Narviig had an Iether, whether it was v
Equal Part 1"Look Race. No, don't look away." Advisor Kale turned the young boy's head back to look at the half rotten deer. It's bony legs and small head still remained identifiable but it's body had become a mushy mess and one could see where it had already become soil. Race looked at the sight as long as he could before he finally turned his head away once again. He stared into Master Kale's gray robes, wondering why he always had to wear white. It was so hard to try to keep a white robe clean.
"It's dead," the boy began to cry as the image in his mind ceased to go away. At six years old he had only heard of death. He had not witnessed his parents' death, his mother having died during childbirth while his father had disappeared. So seeing the dead deer truly unsettled him.
"It's body is dead, yes, but look." Kale kneeled and grabbed a handful of dirt straight out of the deer's body. His rough hands were dry and wrinkled much like his face. "This will grow grass and flowers for the rabbits and o
Six Kingdoms: New Beign I
     This conversation was boring. Payton yawned and stretched his feet up onto the table. The few people around him coughed in disapproval as they turned away from him. His chair rocked gently back and forth on the back two legs.
     "But we cannot afford such a project!" Someone cried at one end of the table.
     "We have more than enough money, ta'kut!" Another man rose with an insult. Payton looked up from his faked napping with a newfound interest. He could enjoy a fight if one erupted.
     "That money is being used." The man Payton identified as a scientist argued. Payton looked at the other man expectantly.
     "For your stupid flora and fauna project?" He sneered. "It's quite apparent nothing is growing here!" He stretched out his arms as he addressed the entire room. "At least not with all this garbage lying around." About half the room nodded in agr


+ Sephiroth stamp + by Bunny-Boss Red vs Blue by AquaFugit :thumb116068379: Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Drizzt Fan Stamp by keelerleah Brisingr Stamp by Sasharita Female Gamer by kiddietyte Coheed and Cambria stamp by cirruswolf Fav and RUN - stamp by JWiesner :thumb175807322: stamp003 by iceblueflower Arrow in the Knee by TakiYume Vagrant Story Stamp by Keopx Nigahiga Fan Stamp by lucarioownsbrawl Stamp 2 by Lady-Kiwi Stamp - Rurouni Kenshin by Suxinn Zodiac Stamp 'Virgo' by Sharkfold + CG: Lelouch stamp I + by stamps-account friends STAMP by peterdzign 21 12 2012 by prosaix Stamp: Potter puppet fan by Arthyem All the Good Men Stamp by Neyjour Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows


Brianna Haro
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
My name is Brianna Haro and I love doing everything!!! I haven't found a single hobby I don't enjoy doing. :D

I have an Associate's degree in 3D Animation Major at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
I am pursuing my Bachelor's in Secondary Education-Math and hope to teach in Japan someday.
I am also a musician. I play the flute and tenor saxophone.

I am a published author! :dummy:
Buy my books by clicking their names!:
:bulletblue:The Fire Master
:bulletblue:Falkagur: Story of a Scout
:bulletblue: ??? What could be next?


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